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Sallu Plastics (part of Sallu Limited) was started at the beginning of 2007 to meet the needs caused by the demise of Wardle Storeys (Brantham) plc.


Wardle Storeys produced a whole range of rigid and flexible P.V.C. sheeting from their site in Brantham including...










Sallu Limited buys in material from the UK, Europe, USA and the Far East which are replacements for the Wardle Storeys (Brantham) range


Sallu Limited have extensive and up to date knowledge of all plastic materials and processes through which we can provide a bespoke service, developing from your ideas to the finished product.


Martin Vale, who was the sales executive for Wardle Storeys for 20 years and has 40 years experience of the industry, is the managing director of Sallu Plastics and is able to offer a wealth of knowledge and advice to look after your needs.


Sallu Limited has evolved to be so much more than a run of the mill supplier of plastic materials.


We now buy and sell all over the world.

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