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Sallu Plastics can provide you with various plastic material to use for roofing.  Polycarbonate, Multiwall, Twinwall, Corrugated can all be used for roofing.  See the the web page POLYCARBONATE for more information.  Below is a short video of how to fit a Polycarbonate roof, we can supply all the roofing bars you require and if you need any advice on what size Polycarbonate sheets you would need for your project please contact us.

roof on a Fortuna polycarbonate sheet Homestyle Multi-Purpose-Canopy 175_carport_menu_30_120711 175_standard_cantilever_120711 175_walkway_15_120711 commercial_canopy_kit carport homestyle_caravan_jpg_120x120_crop_q85 (2)